Service Department

We’ve been repairing and servicing RV’s since this business was started in 1971. Our service team is skilled and trained at working on every brand and style of RV. Jerry Herrin leads our department. We’ve been trying for the past few years to get Jerry to change his last name to Burleson because he’s definitely a part of the family. Maybe one day... He’s been here in our service department since 1978 and has seen it all. We can handle the biggest of issues all the way down to standard annual service.

Types of Repairs & Services We Offer

  • Roof Leak Repair / Replacement
    If you’ve noticed water spots on the ceiling, dry rot on your rubber roof or even unexplained water puddling inside the camper, you should bring it to us and let us take a look. Don’t let a little problem turn into a bigger one.
  • AC Repair / Replacement
    Servicing all brands of air conditioners. If you don’t have the proper temperature drop from air coming in to coming out of A/C you may have a problem we can fix.
  • Hot Water Heater Repair / Replacement
    Cold showers are not very relaxing. Whether gas or electric we can fix your water heater. Leaking water tanks can damage to your camper floor, let us check it out.
  • Furnace Repair / Replacement
    Heat in the winter time is a must. We are fully trained to repair all RV furnaces. Blower motor, gas valve, circuit board, limit switch, cleaning, we can get your furnace working correctly.
  • Electrical Converter Repair / Replacement
    Converters are very important to your camper. They change 120V electrical to 12v DC. High voltage as well as low voltage can damage your converter. Wiring can be difficult for some people, so let our trained staff fix it properly.
  • RV Plumbing Repair
    Water leaks can cause major and costly damage to your floors and walls. When your camper is moving down the road, water line fittings can become loose or even break. General maintenance needs to be addressed in this area. Winterizing your camper is very crucial when the temperature falls below freezing. Let us winterize your camper, and guarantee it not to leak.
  • Vehicle Towing / Wiring Installation
    The key to towing your camper correctly and safely is in the hitch set up.Also, installing the electric brake wiring and complete understanding of how it works is crucial. We at Dixie Camper Sales can make your vehicle pull the camper the right way. We take pride in safety when you are pulling your camper to and from your destination.
  • Awning Repair / Replacement
    There are many people and so called service technicians that don’t really know how to operate an awning properly. As mentioned before Jerry has been servicing awnings since 1978, he can fix one in his sleep. We are factory direct A&E service center. Let us replace your worn fabric or replace the whole system the correct way.
  • Insurance Repair
    Damage to your camper, whether it be a collision, wind, stormy rain, hail, vandalism, or whatever can be an emotional experience. We are very experienced in working with all insurance companies. Bring us your damaged camper and put your worried mind at ease. We can handle the easy and the hard jobs.
  • Accessories Installation
    Most accessories are to either make your camper look better or function easier. Let us install your extras properly. From levels to max air covers we are your accessory store.
  • Interior Repairs
    We can repair all types of interior items. If want to change your worn out or dated carpet, we can do it. Replacing tubs, showers, faucets, sinks, all types of floor coverings, are no problem for our experienced staff.