RV Tips

How to Wash an RV

Most people don’t know how to wash a RV properly, I know that’s hard to believe. Maybe I can teach you something. First off, a good soft bristle brush is a must. There is nothing wrong with a cup of bleach in your bucket of soap and water (takes off mild mildew). The key to washing your RV is always start washing at the bottom and work your way to the top. This allows the soap at the top of your unit to fall over clean metal or fiberglass underneath. This process won’t let the soap make drying “soapy” marks on the skin. If it were dirty material, chances are the marks will be there. If after washing a section there are still black streaks on the side, be very careful what you use to try in getting them off. There are many types of black streak removers on the market. Don’t use any that are not made for the camper industry. Start mild and work your way up if it doesn’t work. Some that are not made for this application may be harmful to your metal, fiberglass or decals.